World Trade Center Footage

//World Trade Center Footage

World Trade Center Footage

World Trade Center Footage is one of the most viewed footage all around the world in the 2001. It is based on the terrorist attack at the World Trade Center in United States of America. If we recall the day, it was a pleasant day on 11th September way back in 2001 when the history of the United States of America changed after two explosive attacks on one of the most popular trade center, World Trade Center. It was a terrorist attack in which two of the American Airlines planes crash to the World Trade Center. One of that was the American Airlines Flight 11 and the second was the United Airlines Flight 175, while both of these two planes crashed them into the north and south tower of the World Trade Center which was also known as Twin Towers. While the terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center were belonged to the team of Osama Bin Laden and these two attacks were suicide attacks. It was very sad occasion for all over the world in which thousands of the people had been killed and many were injured in that attack. While there was also a loss of several millions due to this suicide attack. Actually there were two back to back attacks on the World Trade Center which can easily be seen via the video which is widely available. After one plane crashed to the WTO, the second plan crashed after a gap of 17 minutes.

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